Back home again

We had a great vacation in Disneyworld this week. Today is all about laundry and catching up. It was brutally hot in Florida, but thankfully no sunburns or major injuries. Just a lot of sore feet.

Disney has a new way of dealing with the pictures their photographers take all over the parks. They used to give you little pieces of paper that you had to take to the photo store in the park to review/purchase photos. Now you get a little card with a bar code on it when you pose for the first picture. The photographers scan the card each time, and you can review/purchase your entire trip’s pictures at one time, instead of when you leave each park. No little pieces of paper to keep track of. You can also look at the pictures online, and share them with others (who are welcome to purchase prints at $12.95 each, of course). No right-clicking (to discourage downloading the images without actually buying them). Eric has about 300 pictures on his camera to upload later.

In the meantime, here’s one that I grabbed with my camera phone when Eric wasn’t around to take the shot (I didn’t bring my bulky digital camera).

This was outside our room window after a storm. Beautiful rainbow. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge…at any given time you could see giraffe, zebras, elands and other animals right outside the window.

The difference in the crowds compared to our previous February trips was amazing. We rarely waited more than 20 minutes for anything. The longest waits were for our luggage at the airport. What is it with AirTran? I had a ridiculously long wait for my luggage when I took a business trip to Boston last month (45 minutes), and the same now in both Orlando and Philadelphia.