Vonage scheduled personal greetings…who knew?

Ever since I’ve been working as an employee for a company, but out of my home, I’ve had a challenge with my voice mail outgoing message. If I record something personal, “Hi, you’ve reached the Sohn residence…” then I get callers who are confused because they were calling the Director of Operations and Communications of C3 and their message will usually start with something like, “I’m trying to reach Judi Sohn…I thought I had her work number but I guess this is her home number…” If I record something professional, I get school teachers asking me for our home number. So I left a greeting that was kind of in the middle.

I had no idea that Vonage has scheduled personal greetings!

Was that option always there? We’ve been Vonage customers for over 2 years and I had no idea.

I was able to record one greeting that was personal, “…you’ve reached the Sohn residence…” and another that was business. Then I set the personal one to work all day Saturday & Sunday and 6 pm – 9 am Monday through Friday, and the business one to be 9 am-6 pm Monday through Friday. There will still be some confusion, but this should help a lot.

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