Dell batteries go boom?

From the New York Times:

Dell is recalling 4.1 million notebook computer batteries because they could erupt in flames, the company said today. This will be the largest safety recall in the history of the consumer electronics industry, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

Dell, the world’s largest PC maker, said the lithium-ion batteries were made by Sony and were installed in notebooks sold between April 2004 and July 18 of this year.

Oh, just peachy. What’s the chance that the battery that came in my circa March 2005 laptop is in the recall? Pretty darn good, I’ll say.

A related story here directs folks to which as of this writing isn’t live yet. I have an idea, how about you put the information on a website then you alert the media?

I like the way the Times/Dell call it “suspect battery.” I guess saying “fireball waiting to happen” is just sensationalist journalism.


2 responses to “Dell batteries go boom?”

  1. Thanks! I just alerted my husband. His Dell laptop has been having some really funky power supply problems lately — just what we need for it to explode! That would be a little too funky!

  2. Gah! Any way I can find out which models have suspect batteries? I went to the link but I couldn’t find specifics.

    My laptop’s fan has been making really weird sounds. I mean, I really overuse the poor thing, and it’s a year old so it’s time for it to break, but I was hoping for a little more time.