Goodbye 30s

Today is the last day that I can say I’m “in my 30s.”

Forty. Wow. Why am I still having so much trouble wrapping my head around that? I think of someone who is 40 and I catch myself thinking of them as being so much older than me. Hell-o. Wake up and smell the Geritol, babe.

Turning 30 was easy. I had just given birth to Laini a few months earlier, we were getting ready to close on our very first house. I was looking forward to it. My life now is better than it was back then (except for missing my Dad), but I’m feeling more of a sense of urgency than I did before. Mortal. Middle-aged. Bad life decisions made now have more impact and can’t be brushed away to youth. On the other hand, my mother completely changed her career at 62 so who knows?


3 responses to “Goodbye 30s”

  1. Oh, it’s not sooooo bad. I turned 42 this year and I think I’m getting used to it. It helps having kids who say helpful things like, “You’re not old, Mommy!!!” 🙂

  2. If you’re happy, and it sounds like you are, the age thing won’t bother you much. Yes at 40 you will go to the doctor and complain about your vision or aches and he/she will say “you’re forty…” like that says it all and to a degree it does. If you exercise, keep it up. If you don’t, start because that and eating right will be one of the few things that will keep aging at bay and keep you away from prescription drugs for as long as possible :-).
    But it’s all good, as they say, when you consider the alternative. And don’t be surprised if you consider job or career change years from now, even if that thought hasn’t entered your head at this point. They say 5-6 job changes and at least a few careers these days.

    Happy Birthday!