A good work week

Okay, so it didn’t start out that great. We didn’t get the Salesforce grant. But that’s okay, I’m managing to import transactions from GetActive to Salesforce without a lot of headache and I may still be able to get some of the process automated.

But it’s been mostly really good:

  • We got mentioned in the Washington Post.
  • We scored a victory in New York! Governor Pataki signed the Colon-Prostate Treatment Act into law. This makes New York the first state with Medicaid coverage of treatment for colon cancer, if the cancer was found through a state-funded screening program. We got hundreds of folks to call and email the Governor urging him to sign, and I’m sure the extra pressure from us helped seal the deal. Now to get the rest of the country to follow New York’s model.
  • We hired an Executive Director! This has been a long and careful process, and we’re very happy with our final choice. An offer was made and accepted this week. I won’t say more about her until we make our formal announcement, but I’m thrilled. My job will evolve a bit. I’ll get to spend more time on the parts of my job that I love doing (technology, website, visual communication, branding, messaging, strategy, etc.) and less on the day-to-day grind of managing an organization long distance.