3 down, 8 to go

Sheesh, there are advantages to having a lot of sites on one account. This isn’t one of them. Still no regrets about my decision to cut and run, especially after Dreamhost had yet another extended power issue today. Yeah, I know it was a California problem…maybe it’s time to move? 😉

Eric’s site and ctcdd.org have been completely switched over to Media Temple. I just put in the name server change for ctkasa.org. That one is now hosted at 8-95.com. I never heard of them, but one of the folks working with CT KASA likes them, so it’s good enough for me. Certainly it has one of the easiest control panels to navigate.

That leaves only 8 more sites to move. ::sigh:: What concerns me is that I haven’t heard back from 3 of the site owners at all this week. I have to think that they’re on vacation or something. I’ll give it until Labor Day before worrying too much about it. In the meantime, I have quite a few more evenings watching FTP upload progress bars. Most of the remaining sites I have to worry about are really easy…just email accounts and files. No databases to futz with, which has been the most complicated and time consuming part of these moves.