Trackbacks work again!

I don’t know if this was a Dreamhost problem that’s now fixed because I’m no longer on Dreamhost, or it’s because my path to CGI has changed and most of the spammers haven’t found me yet (a few have…within minutes of my site going "live")…but I can finally accept trackbacks again! Trackbacks never worked before because of a throttling issue that I was never able to correct. Let’s see if it stays that way. I know many believe that trackbacks are dead (killed by spam), but I like them…especially when I reference my own posts like I’m doing on this one.

Speak of Movable Type, Arvind Satyanarayan was nice enough to update his LivePreview and EnhancedEntryEditing plug-ins so they work with Movable Type 3.3. Both plug-ins make writing entries right within the browser so much easier to manage. I find I’m not using an external client (such as ecto) as much anymore.

And finally, if you tend to comment on other blogs, check out the new and improved coComment. Now it’s actually useful since it tracks all comments made to an entry, not just those by other coComment members. I don’t like subscribing to comments in email. I’d rather keep track of comments I’ve made elsewhere in one window. This lets me do that. The Firefox extension makes it easy to track comments by adding a little check box at the bottom of blog comment fields that support the feature (which is most blogs that are running on common engines).