Reality check

Remind me again why I’m driving myself crazy moving 12 sites off Dreamhost to different servers?

Oh yeah, that’s why.

A half hour (and counting) of downtime for a database is not a tragedy in itself…I’m just getting more than a little tired of it on a regular basis. All I want to do is get in there to export the database so I can move it.

I don’t know…maybe it has something to do with this:

At least a portion of our datacenter seems to have lost power very briefly. We have technicians driving to the datacenter now to see exactly what the situation is. If your site is down, we should have it taken care of shortly.

I have to wonder…are these folks particularly unlucky lately or are they so oversold that they’re beginning to implode? For the sake of the hundreds of thousands sites they host, I hope it’s the former.

Update 11:55 pm:

A picture says it all:


The stupid check status thing says it’s fixed…but it’s not. Annoying. I just want to get in to the database so I can get it out. Eric’s static files are already moved, but I can’t set up his blog so he’ll be able to post until I can get into the old one.

I’ve got my hat in hand, I’ve said my goodbyes, now the exit door is blocked…grrrr… I was hoping to get this site over with tonight while I wait for other folks to tell me where they want to move to.

While I was reloading the status page, I decided to have some fun with Google…more images that speak for themselves:



It’s funny that the first result is actually a complaint about Dreamhost. To be fair, you also have to do this one:


And tada…


And there’s always this. Doesn’t change a thing. Just entertaining. At least FTP is working. I’m downloading everyone’s files to my drive as I type. I have local copies of everything I’ve produced, but in the last year that I’ve been out of the freelance biz folks have been updating their own sites so I need to get the websites as close to up-to-date as I can, just in case they’re offline when I’m actually ready to move them. Like I don’t have anything better to do on a Saturday night?


2 responses to “Reality check”

  1. After looking at DreamHost, like everyone else probably, I was soooo tempted to sign up. I mean, 60 GB disk space, low-cost domain transfer & registration fees, unlimited email aliases, unlimited hosts, unlimied this, unlimited that, … It does entice you in, but then I read a lot of the reviews on the Dreamhost forums, on, etc. and I’m guessing it’s like a polictician’s promises. Promise them anything to get their vote, because once you’re in, there’s little they’ll do until you really f@$% up.

    Well, I’ll stay put for now at MediaTemple. I’m getting more than what I was gettng before at Earthlink, and so I should be content, and let the dust settle from my recent move. I can always reevaluate my situation 6 months or a year down the road. It is always good to hear other people’s real-life experiences to temper all the hype coming from those tempting sales pitches.

  2. Prior to the past 2-3 weeks, I have had no problems with DH. Now the problems seem daily. I just noticed my site is down again, checked the status page: nothing relevant. Seconds later, information shows up about a power outage and one of their generators CAUGHT ON FIRE! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this point.