You know you need to quit Firefox when…

Everyone knows that Firefox can be a bit of a RAM hog when it’s been running for a while…but this is ridiculous:

firefox task manager 

Over a gig of RAM for a browser?!? 

I keep telling myself to quit it more often, but I tend to forget until the entire machine slows to a crawl with about 100 MB of free RAM left (out of 2 GB). 


2 responses to “You know you need to quit Firefox when…”

  1. I came across a firefox ram fix, I think I tried it and it seems to work, I can try and find it again if you’d like, think it was an extension. (Is this vague enough – the mind is a terrible thing to waste.) I leave firefox open for 5 days at a time with minimum of 5 tabs, max ram it uses seems to be 50k or so.

  2. I think I have that extension, I may have even blogged about it. It does require that you minimize the Firefox window. So I have to actually remember to do that. And the usage climbs back up quickly after you maximize again.