Dreamhost: It's over. asta la vista. auf wiedersehen. adios. shalom.

I’m writing this in ecto, because right now I have no choice. Site offline. Again. Supposedly fixed, but still nadda.


I’m waiting for the email that my new account at Media Temple is activated, and then I’ll start the switch over for momathome.com. I considered switching over to Pair.com, as I’ve been really happy with them for C3’s site. But I decided to give (mt) a go because I kept hearing such good things about them as a web host. For about the same money as Pair’s basic account, I get 2GB of disk space instead of 500MB. (mt) has the one thing that I now know is the #1 essential feature
of any web hosting package I will ever sign up for again: phone support and a great reputation for speedy support ticket replies. 

I hope I can get back to Dreamhost long enough to back up my database. The last local backup I have is from 6/5/06, and it would truly suck if I lost the last 6 weeks of entries.

Without worrying about C3’s site being offline, I’m surprisingly calm. For those of you who have websites that I host on my Dreamhost account, I will be in touch with you when everything is settled. I will offer to move your site to a new server for a reduced rate on my time, provided you pay for your hosting fees directly with whatever company the site is moved to.

Okay…seems to be back…downtime: 4 hours. Could be worse, some folks have been offline on and off since the weekend. Ridiculous. Got the database. Now just have to get things set up and moved over. I’d probably be up on the new server by now if I didn’t do something incredibly stupid and put my momathome.com email address in when I registered with (mt). Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. So now I have to sit here and wait until the email servers fully recover to get the message with my login info. Worst comes to worst, I put
that phone support to the test and call tomorrow to get them to send the info to my C3 account instead.



One response to “Dreamhost: It's over. asta la vista. auf wiedersehen. adios. shalom.”

  1. Hey Judi, just 4 hours?
    Well.. i;ve been down for 16hours, with just 30minuts up.. which i used to start backing up all my databases.. sadly i didnt finish on time 😦