Attention amateur crooks: Open Season at Walmart for items $24.99 and less!


Wal-Mart is moving away from what it called a zero-tolerance policy on prosecuting shoplifters and will now only prosecute anyone caught taking merchandise worth $25 or more, according to a published report.

The New York Times reports the change in policy, citing internal documents from Wal-Mart that say it will now only press charges against those between the ages of 18 and 64 who take at least $25 worth of goods. Formerly its policy was to press charges against anyone who took at least $3 in goods.

Now I understand and can appreciate the reason for this:

The paper said the change in policy will allow Wal-Mart to concentrate on theft by professional shoplifters and its own employees. The paper said those two groups steal the bulk of merchandise from the chain.

“If I have somebody being paid $12 an hour processing a $5 theft, I have just lost money,” J. P. Suarez, who is in charge of asset protection at Wal-Mart, told the paper. “I have also lost the time to catch somebody stealing $100 or an organized group stealing $3,000.”

But why on earth would you let this be public knowledge?

If I were in charge of security at WalMart, I would never be quoted saying that there are shoplifters we don’t care about. As far as any bored 13 year-old who sticks a $9.99 DVD under his shirt so he could look cool to his friends should know, he could be arrested, fined or shot on sight if caught. Period.


One response to “Attention amateur crooks: Open Season at Walmart for items $24.99 and less!”

  1. How about snapping their pictures, on a store by store basis, and posting the gallery somewhere prominent in the store? Or giving the gallery to the greeters, who could refuse them entry?

    Or (he said devilishly), posting the pictures of the latest offenders in the local advertising circular once a month? You probably couldn’t do that without a possible libel lawsuit, although the facts would be on your side. Still, it’d be fun.