AOL going free?

According to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required, will post free link if I see one), AOL is considering giving up subscription fees for those using high speed internet.

Under the proposal, which AOL Chief Executive Jonathan Miller presented to top Time Warner executives in New York last week, AOL would stop charging a subscription fee for users who already have a high-speed Internet service or dial-up service from another provider. Subscribers who have traditional “dial-up” Internet access through AOL would still have to pay their monthly fee of as much as $25.90. Nearly one third of AOL’s customer base of 18.6 million already has high-speed access — but the company expects that 8 million of its existing dial-up customers would cancel their subscription to take advantage of the new offer.

Oh come on, if this happens they gotta let you cancel online, right?

The article says that they hope to make up the $2 billion in lost subscription revenue with advertising. Wonderful. Like AOL software isn’t big and bloated enough…that’s what it was missing…more ads.


One response to “AOL going free?”

  1. Last time I checked a few years ago, it still didn’t let you do more than one thing at once. Sending email took six or seven seconds (on broadband), and while it was trying to send mail, you couldn’t even click to bring another window to the front (like a news site). Who cares if it’s free? It still won’t be worth it. 😉