Update Sunday

Living dangerously: Updated to OS X 10.4.7, iTunes 6.0.5, QuickTime 7.1.2, iPod Updater 2006-06-28 and Adobe InDesign CS 2 4.0.3 all in one shot (well, the Apple updates first, then the Adobe one).

So far so good.

Apple has come a long way. I remember a time that I had to be so careful…I ran Disk Utilities to keep errors from multiplying and causing problems. Now, I can hardly remember the last time I did anything more than the most basic preventative maintenance on my Mac. It just works. It could be the fact that I’m not hammering it nearly as much as I used to. Truthfully, I primarily use the Mac to sync my iPod and listen to stuff in iTunes and all the Creative Suite applications. Makes me more of an “average” user than the power user I used to be. The average user shouldn’t have to worry about booting into Open Firmware to fix problems or fixing permissions. It should just work. And it does.

Of course, I still backup my files each and every night to an external drive (using ChronoSync) so I’m not completely reckless. And I wait a day or two to make sure that Apple didn’t find some catastrophic problem that caused them to pull the updater as has been known to happen in the past (and they did find a problem with the Intel version of the 10.4.7 update this time).