Travel curse

Is it possible to be cursed by a travel demon?

Earlier this month I had my little adventure getting to Atlanta.

This week I had a meeting in Albany, New York. Not quite in the middle of the flood zone, but close. My train to Albany on Wednesday was canceled, and luckily I was able to get on the next one, getting to the hotel close to midnight (instead of 9 pm as I had planned). Last night, I got on the train home at 7 pm. The conductor announced that a tree was down on the tracks. Two hours later the train started moving. Switches were down along the line, so at points I could have pushed the train along faster. At 11:55 pm the train finally pulls into New York Penn Station (original scheduled arrival: 9:45 pm). At that hour NJ Transit trains run locals every hour, and I missed one by 5 minutes. I ended up getting a 12:42 am train home…walking in the door at 2:20 am. 7.5 hours of travel for what would have been a 4 hour drive on a good day.


It could have been much, much worse and I’m tired but not really complaining. I’m only around 10 miles from Trenton which suffered some bad flooding in parts. But here you’d never know there was a problem at all.