Movable Type 3.3 beta 3

I’m back from a long day in New York City attending a fund raising conference and I’m tired, but I’m awake enough to install the new beta of Movable Type (version 3.3 beta 3).

They keep making the installation easier and easier. Upload the files and instead of going in and editing a mt-config.cgi file, you simply run mt-wizard.cgi from your browser (don’t forget to CHMOD it to 755…no getting around that, I think). You still only get to set the database functions (and now mail preferences) but it’s in a nice screen rather than a text file (click to enlarge):

I’m assuming they’ll add more config options in the next beta (would love to adjust the throttle so I can get trackbacks again).

Another new feature is the inclusion of a lite version of Tim Appnel’s plug-in. I’ll play with it this weekend.