Flock…they're baaaaccckkk!

Remember, Flock? It was primed to be the browser. Running on the Firefox engine, it incorporates photos (flickr), blogging and del.icio.us favorites in a pretty skin.

The first public version came out to much fanfare, but it was so buggy that most stopped using it. There wasn’t a compelling reason to use it, since Firefox already has all the extensions to do everything Flock did and more.

Now the Flock folks have had an infusion of cash and a new public version.

I downloaded it last night and it’s pretty slick as a browser. Feels very fast, but that may be because it doesn’t have all the baggage that my copy of Firefox does.

I tried blogging from it, which is the feature that most interests me right now. I was able to configure it for my Movable Type blog quite easily. But when I post, I get this error message that is so stupid it’s hysterically funny.


“Please check your Internet connection.” Are you kidding me? Of all the reasons that Flock can’t reach my blog (while I have no problem with BlogJet, ecto or getting to MT directly on my server) Flock thinks it’s because there’s a problem with my computer’s connection to the Internet?!? Um, no.

I posted in their support forum.

I can’t stand the tag line: “The web browser for you and your friends.” Ick.  Creepy. Their focus now, as it was back then, appears to be on “spreading the word” which is is fine…once it’s a browser worth talking about.