Emily's 8th birthday party

Fun with a Target gift card.

Her birthday is not really for another month, but we had her party yesterday. We learned the hard way a few years ago that inviting school friends to a July birthday party is not the greatest idea. Even so, half the kids invited couldn’t make it due to soccer games, violin recitals, and all the things that go on this time of year.

Today we picked up Emily’s birthday present from us…a Nintendo DS Lite. Eric was smart to reserve one a couple of days ago. We were there when the store opened this morning and we weren’t the only ones picking one up. Laini got a Nintendo DS for Chanukah last year. The screen on the new version is impressive.

So right now I’m getting some relaxing me-time while I hear “Sit” “Sit” “Lay down” “Good, girl” from downstairs (they’re both playing Nintendogs).