MT 3.3: That was too easy

Upgrade complete. I’m not rebuilding the whole site just yet, but so far so good.

Aside from the super-easy upgrade process, here’s some things I noticed right off that are new:

  • Tighter, cleaner UI. The differences are subtle, but they’re there.
  • Larger default type in the editing window. Woo hoo…those of us with 1920×1200 screens rejoice.
  • The mt-config.cgi file contains only the information most people actually change: the cgi path, the static files path and the database settings. I’m not sure where everything else went (release notes say that will be covered in the manual that’s still coming).
  • The preferences window has also been simplified. You need to click a button to get the details. You can change the default editor view in the preferences now instead of just from within the editing window.
  • Tags! Let’s see if the tags get added within the body of the entry or I’ll need to edit my template to have them display *
  • There’s an activity feed, but I got a 500 error when I tried to click on it. I’ll try again later.

More later, I’m sure.

Update: As expected, the tags wouldn’t display on first rebuild. I went into the default templates and pulled the code that should make the tags show up below. I hope. I just put it on the page without worrying about formatting so they may look a little funky until I can style it to my liking. It will be interesting to see how this works in 3rd party editors that support tags, like Ecto. For now, I’ll use the browser window.

Also, as I know there were changes to the search templates in 3.3 I left in the default. I’ll replace with my customized version once I understand the differences.