Pet Peeve #25,366: I said restart NOW

I hate when this happens. You see that there’s an update to an application you use. Let’s say it’s eFax Messenger.

You install said upgrade while you’re doing 300 other things (like printing out a whole bunch of stuff to take on a business trip). Installation finishes and you have this:


“Your computer must be restarted to complete the setup process.”


I know why…eFax has a contextual menu that I do find quite handy. I can select a file and right-click to select “Send to Fax Recipient” and the application loads up ready for you to customize the pretty cover sheet (text-only cover sheet if you fax from email or the web). Could do without the task bar icon…give me the choice of whether I want to have the thing start at startup, okay?

But why does a little fax utility have to be so obnoxious about it? It’s not like I just installed a new copy of Windows for goodness sake…it’s only faxing. It can wait. Warn me before installation that I’m going to have to restart afterwards. Give me the option to dismiss the dialog box with a “restart later” button. Something.

Now I have to sit there with this annoying little window on my screen until I’m good and ready to restart, thankyouverymuch.