My favorite Cingular 8125 apps

I’ve been asked to share my must-have applications that I’ve been using on my Cingular 8125. It’s been nearly 4 months since I got the phone and what I’ve learned is that the device works best when it’s lean and mean. The 200mhz processor and limited RAM can only go so far. 

Rumor has it that Cingular will release a ROM update for the 8125 any day now. There’s a hacked-together version out there, but I’ve decided that I can wait. I’d rather wait for a supported version.

That said, here’s what I have on my Cingular 8125 now:

Microsoft Voice Command – makes dialing without using the keypad easy, but doesn’t work well if there’s any background noise.

spb Diary – see calendar, tasks, contacts, messages and notes on the Today screen. I love this app. I had some trouble getting this application working at first. But I persisted and finally, it’s fine. I prefer it to competitor Pocket Breeze.  

Pocket Informant 2005 – replaces the built-in calendar, tasks and notes application. Blows it away actually. Can’t work without it. Similar to Agenda Fusion. Best to try both and just go with the one you prefer.

spb Backup – self-explanatory. Does what it says it does and does it well.

Resco Explorer 2005 – better file explorer, nice Today plug-in (shows battery and memory levels). Lighter than competitor Pocket Plus. Registry editor (although I never use it).

Dinar Handy Switcher – nice little utility for bouncing between applications and making sure they close (instead of just minimize)

Dinar MemMaid – cleans out accumulated junk…shows which programs are taking the most RAM/storage.

SmartSKey – this is a free little hack that overcomes a big shortcoming of the 8125. With it installed, you can hold down the left soft key to get the "Start" menu and the right soft key to "OK" You have to be registered to download the file.

MyLifeOrganized – task/time management application that syncs with the desktop version. 

eReader Pro – still my favorite way to read ebooks. Much prefer it to PDF or Microsoft Reader documents.

Bejeweled 2 – duh! Still addicted, but haven’t played it that much recently.

I’m also beta testing the new NewsGator reader for PocketPC, but I’m not sure I should say much more than that yet.

And there you have it… 




3 responses to “My favorite Cingular 8125 apps”

  1. I’m interested in “Microsoft Voice Command” for my Cingular 8125 running Windows Mobile Version 5.

    I viewed the link you provided, and it claimed you must be using Windows Mobile 2003. I called Microsoft, and they told me that Voice Command will not work on Windows Mobile Version 5.

    If you just got your Cingular 8125 in the last 4 months (which is about as long as they have been available as far as I know) I am assuming your phone uses Windows Mobile Version 5. Is this true? I want to make sure Voice Command will work on Version 5 before I buy it.


  2. Rob, Microsoft Voice Command works just fine with Windows Mobile 5. It hasn’t been officially updated in a while, but it works.

  3. Judi,
    Thank you for the information and for the heads up about this product.

    I called Microsoft back after I posted my question here, and I talked with a different representative. This representative expained that the website information about Voice Command had not been updated, but she assured me it works with Windows Mobile Version 5 (as I now see you stated here).

    I purchased it and installed it without a hitch, and I’m REALLY ENJOYING IT!

    Thanks again for the information.

    Take care,