So I’m sitting here at Newark Airport where I’ve been for the last 4 hours. My flight to Atlanta was supposed to leave at 7:10 pm. Now scheduled for 11 pm. Funny thing is, I’m getting information faster from than from the terminals here in the airport. Why the delay? One of the worst thunder/lightening storms I’ve seen in a long time. Hit the NY/NJ area hard. Just got off the phone with Eric and he’s calming two scared girls through a power failure. I talked him through shutting my G5 down safely…I have my priorities. 😉 I’m happy I bought that UPS a few years ago.

For me, it could be worse. There are plenty of power outlets and a wifi day pass is only $8.

Unfortunately, I now realize there’s something wrong with the battery on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 9300). I keep it plugged in all the time at home, but upon booting it here the battery is only at 20%. So it’s not charging. I have no idea why not. Not a big deal as long as I know I can keep it plugged in.

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