Movable Type vs. WordPress: Irony is a dish best served cold

WordPress is the darling of the blogging world these days. What’s not to love? It’s geeky under the hood and it’s free, a wicked combination.

Me, I’m quite happy with Movable Type and I have no immediate plans to switch. I’m getting more than my $69 out of it. Truth is, either is a fine choice. There are some fantastic WP blogs out there now…after 3.5 years I just prefer to stick with what I know I know.

Paul Scrivs is a recent convert from MT to WP. He posted an open letter to Six Apart on his site:

…However, now I must say goodbye. Wisdump uses WordPress for many of the reasons that pushed me towards MT in the first place. Using WP, I am filled with the same excitement that I used to have with MT that I wish never left. I stuck around for as long as I could, endured two instances of losing data from my database and patiently waited a total of 90 days, 17 hours and 48 minutes for my templates and archives to rebuild. I’m not saying WP is any better than MT, I just feel better using it and to me, I am what is most important.

That in itself is not blogworthy to me…what’s worth noting is what happens when you try and visit the page that contains the actual post (I pulled the above excerpt from the feed):


I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh…but I did.

It’s kind of like standing on a stage to make your big exit speech… and then you walk smack into the door on your way out of the room.


5 responses to “Movable Type vs. WordPress: Irony is a dish best served cold”

  1. Oh C’mon. You really didn’t have any reason to laugh. That message just means something’s wrong with the database config or the database is down. Should people laugh at you if your site went down due to your database not being online?

  2. Ted, you completely missed the point.

    If I posted something talking about how I was leaving MovableType to go to WordPress because WordPress was so great, and you went to the entry to find that my new wonder-blog database was misconfigured or whatever happened, then yeah…laugh away.

  3. thanks, alethe. I missed moving over a folder when I switched hosts. Fixed now.

    Once again, if I had posted about how wonderful my image organization skills were, and in that very same post I had a broken image link, then yeah…laugh away.

    And if you did laugh, I wouldn’t take it personally. I’d probably beat you to it and laugh at myself first.

  4. I was just teasing… thought it was funny 🙂 —

    I found this page while searching WordPress vs Movable Type on Google… trying to figure out which I should use.

    Thanks for the post.