An American Idol observation

If I were the writer of “My Destiny,” I wouldn’t want to walk down a dark alley in Katharine McPhee’s hometown.

3 responses to “An American Idol observation”

  1. I agree. She obviously didn’t pick the song, I’m sure it was the AI producers who did, and I would have thought Simon would be involved in that, but maybe not, because I think he might have defended the song to Randy if so.

    Whoever wins the other should have a good shot at a career.

  2. Did you see the look of relief on her face when it was clear that they liked her performance, and the criticism was of the song? To be fair, Celine Dion couldn’t make a hit out of it. Ugh, it was terrible.

    Sad that the producers seems to have decided that Taylor should win and slanted in that direction. Not that I loved Taylor’s song either, but he had much more to work with.

    Eric and I agree that they need to go back to having both contestants sing the same song. Or to be fair, have them both sing the same two original songs. One slanted towards the style of one and the other slanted towards the style of the other. Let audiences compare apples to apples.

    At least Simon did his part for her by asking audiences to judge Katharine on “Over the Rainbow,” and not that mess at the end. I hope they don’t go through with releasing “My Destiny” as Katharine’s single and put that dog in the ground where it belongs. ::shudder:: And I’m someone who actually likes sappy pop ballads!!

    Still, Taylor will likely win in a close vote.

  3. Yep, saw that relief on Kat’s face. It’s obvious Randy doesn’t have a say in the song choice either. The other comments I’ve been reading agree about song choice. This new ‘single’ they make them sing is usually terrible. dialidol is picking Taylor based on tracking busy signals (I think) for the phone numbers. They’ve been pretty accurate most of the season.
    For the final you’d think they’d really try to make each person shine in their element. If it’s stinks on the show who’s going to pay money for it later?