Wanna work with me?

We’re hiring an Executive Director!

The President/Founder of C3 and I have been filling the role of the ED together for the past year. It’s time to take it to the next level and bring someone in for the job fulltime, and onsite in Washington, DC. It’s exciting to see us get to this point. By every measure that’s realistic, we’ve been doing it right. Or close to it. We haven’t wiped out colorectal cancer yet, but we’re making inroads and we’re building a coalition of advocates to help us do the job. 

I much prefer…and my experience and passion are pushing me towards being the one who stands behind the curtain and makes sure that the person on the stage looks good. Not to be the person on the stage. I don’t have the experience (or the passion) for the fundraising and politics required of an Executive Director. Plus, I want to continue working from my home office instead of Washington, DC and I’m able to do that as Director of Operations and Communications. So it’s a perfect fit for the organization and my own personal fulfillment that the organization hire just the right person for this job.

Interested? Here’s our job description, qualifications and application requirements (PDF).