A good week

It’s been a pretty good week, all things considered.

Short notes:

My title has changed from “Operations Director” to “Director of Operations and Communications.” It’s a subtle change, but it’s a better reflection of the work that I’m doing.

I signed an agreement with Theikos, a consulting company, to help us get our Salesforce account configured and integrated with GetActive. Finally.

Our Action Alert against Senate Bill 1955 was a success and we had record participation. Thanks to the pressure from us and other organizations, opponents of the bill were able to defeat efforts to have the bill considered on the Senate floor and it’s dead for all intents and purposes. We’re all for saving money, but not at the expense of state-level insurance legislation designed to protect the rights of patients.

I think we’re all set to exhibit at the ASCO Annual Meeting next month (June 2–6). Around 600 lbs. of giveaways, banners, brochures, pins and bracelets have been delivered to a warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. The last time I had to deal with doing an expo booth was in 1995 and I was with NYMUG (New York Mac Users Group) and we had a booth at Macworld Expo in Boston. This is nothing like I remembered back then. So many forms to fill out, fees to consider, arrangements to be made. Setting things up and running the booth will be the easy part.

Watch the Preakness race next weekend. Look on the saddle cloths and you may see a small ribbon/star. One of our Advocates puts those cloths together, and she got permission from the track to put the colon cancer awareness star on the cloths. There should be media coverage, but I don’t have anything definite to report yet.

Emily (age 8 soon) wants to have a lemonade stand here over the summer with the money going to colon cancer. Totally her idea. I love my kid. Speak of which, she wants to have a magician for her birthday party next month. I have to get something going on that if it’s going to happen.

Eric gave me my Mother’s Day gift already. It wasn’t a surprise. I wanted it and asked for it…it’s a Mother’s ring. It’s this one below, except it’s white gold. Peridot (August, me) in the center, Aquamarine (March, Eric) to the left, then a Ruby (July, Emily) and a Amethyst (February, Laini) on the other side. I love it.