Apple: Don't Be Evil!!

Go the Apple home page and it auto-plays the new Get A Mac ads…with audio.

Noooo!!!! Auto-playing audio on the front page of a website is revolting and evil. I may tolerate it when I’m going to a rock band or movie website. But I don’t like it. I don’t stand for it on any other site, especially a corporate one. Apple: Stop that!! 

As much as I thought the new ads were cute, I have to agree with Michael Tsai in the long run.

Windows and PCs have all sorts of problems, but I don’t think that, for most users, frequent restarting and trouble talking to digital cameras are among them. How is this supposed to appeal to the millions of PC users who already work with digital photos? By insulting them? I’d rather the ads showed what people can do with Macs.

The biggest PC problem is that Michael doesn’t have a version of Spam Sieve for Windows XP.

Seriously, if the ads are aimed at the home market, then how about show hip & knowledgeable PC users talking about why the Mac is a better home machine than a PC? Michael’s right…don’t insult them, and definitely don’t make them defensive. You want me to buy a Mac? Tell me why without putting down what I’m already using.

And be fair. Apple is both a software and hardware company. The ads compare what comes with a Mac (hardware & software) to what comes with Windows XP (just software). When was the last time anyone bought a PC that didn’t come with applications for editing photos, watching and/or editing DVDs (if the machine comes with a burner), listening to music, etc? Is the software that comes pre-installed on a Dell or Toshiba as good as iLife? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends. But the ads make it sound like Windows PC ship with nothing but Windows XP installed. Many Dell and Toshiba owners only wish that were true. Apple bundles applications on their Macs in the same way that Dell bundles applications on their PCs. Mac OS X, by itself, right out of the retail box can’t edit or organize images any easier than Windows XP can.