Mission Impossible III

A few months back at a fundraiser, Eric and I bid on and won an evening of babysitting. We cashed in last night and saw MI:III.

Thoughts and opinions after the click for those who don’t want to be spoiled.


Life lesson: If you are a secret agent, whatever you do, don’t ride on one of those long, narrow bridges over big bodies of water. It never ends well.

I got a little lost when Musgrave was explaining why he did what he did. I understand the “how.” But why? I asked Eric to explain it to me. He couldn’t either. Funny, it doesn’t matter does it? Just like it doesn’t matter what the Rabbit’s foot really was…the point wasn’t the end result, it was the process.

Life lesson: if someone gets killed while they have duct tape over their mouth, it’s not the person it appears to be. Let’s hope we don’t see this twist again in MI:IV. Twice in a row is enough.

Speak of which, my favorite scene in the movie is actually seeing how, assuming it was possible technically at all, they make those masks and voice boxes. This is a plot device used all the way back to the original series…fun to watch this movie “lift the curtain” on this oft-used plot device, implausible as it is.

My least favorite scene was the very last one. It’s as if the writers just didn’t know how to end the thing after all the bad guys were dead. So he tells Julia the whole truth and she’s like, “I nearly got killed. I had to bring you back to life. You’ve been lying to me since the moment we met. But that’s okay, how about you show me around the office and we’ll live happily ever after.” The guy sitting next to me saw that the movie was going to end with Mr. & Mrs. walking off into the sunset and he was muttering, “No, no, no…don’t do it. Don’t roll those credits now. Don’t end it like this. No!” I felt the same, although I was a bit less vocal about it in the theatre.

Despite all this, it was my favorite of the 3 movies. Enough gadgets and action to keep it bigger than life, it was interesting to see the character of Ethan love something outside of the IMF life, and it “felt” the most like the original series in that the team got the mission (with the self-destructing message) and the team stuck together to the end. I missed that in the first movie where Ethan spent most of it on his own, picking up his team as he went.


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  1. “Life lesson: If you are a secret agent, whatever you do, don’t ride on one of those long, narrow bridges over big bodies of water. It never ends well.”

    My thoughts exactly! And just how many movies are out there that use this same exact scene? As soon as they showed that the caravan was headed over the bridge I pretty much predicted what was gonna happen.

    And yes, that ending was crap!

    All in all, I think the first two where better. J.J. Abrams should stick to writing for TV where endings like that seem to work better.