Not gonna go there

A big part of my social life was built and is maintained online.

However…I just can’t bring myself to get involved with MySpace, much less create a page there of my own. I will sometimes follow a link that ends there, but that’s as close as I get.

I finally figured out the problem. It creeps me out. It’s as simple as that. I don’t know if it’s the garish colors, or the “way too much information” of it all.

Is it just me?


7 responses to “Not gonna go there”

  1. Nope, not just you. For it’s the smell of bubblegum and boy-bands, but I think it’s creepy in other ways too, yeah.

  2. OMG, no, it’s not you! Those pages are an offense to anyone with any design sense whatsoever. I have next to none, and I cringe every time I look at a Myspace page (which I do sometimes for tv fandom reasons).

  3. Oh good lord. I’d never actually looked at MySpace before (though I’ve heard plenty about its supposed ill effects on teenage troublemaking), and I think I won’t again. Not only is the design hideous, the pages play music. (shudder)

  4. OK, well I guess I will be the first to go against your feelings on MySpace 🙂

    While the layout is down right ugly (and when someone customizes it, it’s even worse!) I don’t think it’s scary at all. I (being 22, well 23 in a week) find the point of it very nice.

    I’ve been away to college for about 5 years now (well, college is over but I think this is my permanent home now) and so during this time I lost touch with a lot of my friends because I was either too busy with homework or like now, busy working.

    Now that I’ve started up with MySpace I’m talking and communicating with almost all my friends again. And it’s nice because unlike e-mail or phone, you can talk collectively with all your friends, post bulletins if you want to have a get together with all your friends, pictures, comments, etc…

    I do have to admit though, my profile is set to private so you do have to be my friend to see all my information because I don’t like everyone to see information about me.

  5. I never said “scary.” I said “creepy.” Big difference. 😉

    I think I just flashed forward to conversations I’ll be having with my kids in about 10 years.

    I can understand using it privately. A lot of communities I’m involved with have private areas like this. It’s those gaudy and loud public pages that bother me.

  6. “I never said “scary.” I said “creepy.” Big difference. ;-)”

    Oops, guess that’s what I get for watching a movie as I’m reading and posting things. Damn distractions 😛