Getting Lost faster

Last night, I watched Paris Bennett get the American Idol boot with the kids. I wanted to record both American Idol (for Eric, who wasn’t home) and Lost but the DVR wouldn’t behave. So no Lost on my TV this morning.

It’s 8:30 am and last night’s Lost is already up on ABC’s streaming site. It’s not on iTunes yet. Episodic television is much better streamed like this. Sure, it would be nice to have on the iPod but since I work from home that’s not a deal breaker for me. Truth is, I don’t sync most shows I download to my iPod. Watch it once, and then I don’t want to waste the space.

Update: Now I’ve watched the episode…wow…Don’t click or read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled. You’ve been warned.

I’m glad I watched the episode early in the morning, before reading any blog posts so I had no idea what was coming. Kind of nice to be spoiler-free. After Michael shot Ana Lucia and then Libby, I kept waiting for someone to wake up. But they didn’t. It’s Lost, after all. Where the actors should rent, not buy their homes in Hawaii.

I read some sites afterwards, and the general consensus is that Michael was brainwashed or blackmailed into killing Ana Lucia. I suspect that Michael was an “Other” all along…maybe even this leader not-Henry was talking about. I want to go back at some point and re-watch some Season 1 shows to see if there are any clues.