Worth paying for Zone Alarm right there

This in itself is almost enough for me to fork over the $50.

When it finds a virus in an email scan, Norton AntiVirus pops up an annoying window that you have to dismiss before Outlook will continue checking email. It’s like a dog that retrieves the bone for 332,365th time but still insists that you pat him on the head and say, “good boy!” before he’ll let you do anything else. If you’re not at the computer when the window comes up, Outlook will time out waiting for that response. There was no way that I could tell to set NAV to auto-deal with anything it finds without notifying me that it dealt with it.

Zone Alarm pops up a window, but it doesn’t grind email download to halt waiting for me to click a button.


“Treatment succeeded. No further action is required for this item.”

Whether I hit “Done” or not, life still goes on in the background. Much better.


3 responses to “Worth paying for Zone Alarm right there”

  1. Nice!!! I know I always hated that about Norton AV as well, and like you, I don’t know of a way to bypass that. Though I don’t really get any viruses (knock on wood) it was still very annoying. Also, I’m really enjoying the ease of use with all the other features of Zone Alarm.

    Training Zone Alarm to work with your programs and frequently visited websites couldn’t be easier either! So I’m about ready to end my trial 2 days in and just buy it, but because I like free stuff so I’ll just wait 😛

  2. Hmm… I’ve always set up NAV to behave the way you say you prefer (the only way that makes sense, for experienced users.)

    The setting seems to move around in each version of NAV, but basically, in the Autoprotect section, you tell it to Automatically Repair, and Quarantine if Unsuccessful. Note that this isn’t the same thing as telling it to just automatically repair.

    If Automatic Repair is set, NAV needs to prompt to ask what to do if it can’t repair. And since most of what comes in email is pure virus files, it’s almost always having to ask for further instructions.

    Norton is so flaky, I wouldn’t be surprised if your results were different with the same setting, but have you tried it?


  3. Yes, I tried it. I had that button checked. So yes, NAV would automatically repair what it caught. But then it threw up a box announcing that it caught a virus that it did repair but the windowc would sit there until I hit the “Finish” button (hence dog being pat on the head).

    I did a quick Google and here is a page that mentions the problem.