Plaxo buys Hipcal

Hipcal was just one of many, until Plaxo bought them and now I’m really interested. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Plaxo folks do with their new toy.

Yes, Plaxo’s emails used to be annoying. But that doesn’t negate the fact that their product is good. Really, really good. My contact lists between my phone, my PC and my Mac have never been in better shape. I love that when I add someone to my address book, and they’re already on Plaxo, their record on my side is updated with their latest info automatically. I won’t ask anyone to become a Plaxo member, but if they are it’s great.

The Plaxo folks nailed it on their blog when they said:

…I think it is clear that standalone, web-based calendars aren’t all that useful. A calendar application, even if it has lots of interesting features and a great interface, can’t exist as an island.

To be really useful, a calendaring application will need all of the following:

  1. Tight integration into and with the other personal productivity tools people already use
  2. The ability to be used anytime, anywhere, across multiple different tools
  3. A large network of other users with whom you can set appointments, get together, etc.
  4. And, of course, fantastic features and a great interface