Google calendar – nice but no can do

Google calendar is finally out. A lot of folks are talking about it.

I looked at it, but there’s no way I can use it in its current form.

Yes, it imports from Outlook but it doesn’t sync. I want to work with Outlook, not switch away. It’s just a calendar, no task management. You can get reminders from a cell phone, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to schedule an event from a phone/PDA. It loads up on my 240×320 PDA screen, but it’s not optimized for a small display like Gmail is. Without the ability to easily take my calendar with me, it’s useless.

Mind you, it took a while but eventually Gmail gained the WAP-friendly version and the ability to work with Outlook. So maybe the Calendar app will get there sooner or later.

Right now, this seems to be aimed at those folks who already manage their calendar online with no offline functionality (Yahoo, 30Boxes, etc.) or have never used software to manage a calendar and spend a lot of time online.


2 responses to “Google calendar – nice but no can do”

  1. I’ve actually moved away from Outlook completely. I’ve used ACT, Outlook, Goldmine at length in the past and I’m done with them all. Tired of my computer crashing and slooooow search. I’ve moved to Gmail for email, Google calendar, and switched tasks to I’m online enough these days that I can do this. For sending larger email sends I use I’m pretty much covered. I expect Google to continuously improve their apps. Yahoo mail has been great in the past but the Gmail mail by conversations format blows it away. I can look up a contact in Gmail and lo and behold I can see all my prior conversations with that person. The Google calendar quick add feature rocks. It’s surprising such seemingly small and obvious features can knock Yahoo mail, and Outlook on the head. I’m converted. I daren’t use synch on my Nokia 9500. I’d rather wait for the mobile version. is lightning fast btw. Very nice.