Performancing for Firefox bug/issue

I use Performancing for some of my blog entries. It’s shaping up to be an excellent blog editor (it’s a Firefox extension, for those not familiar). It does have one annoying issue, and I’m using this entry, entered via BlogJet, not Performancing to illustrate my point. I picked BlogJet for convenience, but it would appear the same whether I was using the default MT window or ecto, too.

Notice the link above. It’s bold. When I post from Performancing, the links aren’t bold, and here’s why.

I have this in my style sheet: 

div.entry p a:link, div.entry p a:visited,

font-weight: bold;
color: #685AD0;

the “p” is important. If it wasn’t there, then all links in the entry from the title to below the comments would appear the same, and I wanted the links that are in the smaller type and comments to render differently, so I took the trouble to style each HTML tag separately (using commas so the style itself is the same).

My Main Index template doesn’t put a <p></p> around <$MTEntryBody$> because every other blog editor already does that by default…except Performancing which posts without assuming the entry to begin with a paragraph. Therefore, my entries in Performancing are taking on the default style I have for div.entry, which is fine except for the links, which have to be within a <p> paragraph.

I’m going to post again through Performancing to show the difference. You should be able to view the source and see what I mean (will use these entries to point out the issue to the Performancing folks).