Google Toolbar for Firefox 2!

I’ve been a fan of the Google toolbar for Firefox extension for quite some time. The new beta version, out today has some great new features.

Here’s two of my favorites…

It will catch your spelling errors. I’ve done this one more times than I can count:

And now I can save some room on my bookmark toolbar, getting rid of the Newsgator subscription bookmarklet. The Google toolbar has a RSS subscription button, which I assumed would be a tie-in just with not-very-good Google Reader, as its “BlogThis!” button only knows about Blogger. But no! The toolbar lets you pick your favorite newsreader:


Too bad that Newsgator, despite all the great improvements lately, STILL redirects subscriptions to the “My Feeds” page after adding the new feed instead of back to the original reading point.

Not favorite features, but some notes…the toolbar also includes the Google Safe Browsing extension, so no need for a separate extension to load. Also, if you just want the searching features but don’t need the buttons, you can have the much better toolbar search field replace the Google search box. Besides the fact that I do like some of the buttons, I changed my Firefox search box to Blingo and I try to remember to use that from time to time on the off-chance that maybe I’ll win something sometime. Hasn’t happened yet, but hey, you never know.