Another must-have application for Cingular 8125

One big complaint about using a smart phone is the lack of tactile feedback on the phone application. The keys are tiny, and it’s very easy to tap something you didn’t mean. To dial someone, you have to stop what you’re doing and give those tiny little buttons your full attention…no thumbing around for the little bump on the “5” key to help orient you.

Voice dialing on the phone requires you to enter voice tags, as it was on my old Motorola v551 phone. Record yourself saying the name, then you can call that person using the same recorded voice.

This morning, I finally got around to downloading an application that after 10 minutes, I know I will buy and get a lot of use out of: Voice Command for Pocket PC.

No voice tags. Say “dial Jane Smith” and it finds the contact and calls it. Say “what is my battery level?” and it tells you! Say “what’s my next appointment?” and it tells you. Say “set ringer off” and it does. In all my playing with it this morning, it only pulled up the wrong record once (confusing a name that sounded like another). No training. It just works. Well.

The only downside is that it has to be installed to main memory and it takes about 3 MB. That’s a lot. I’ve got a memory leak somewhere that drains the device program RAM down to nothing after being plugged in to ActiveSync. Can’t seem to pin it down, so I’m soft rebooting quite often. Usually after I disconnect from the computer, I have to soft reboot so the device is even usable as it’ll have less than 2 MB available RAM. Not enough to run anything.

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5 thoughts on “Another must-have application for Cingular 8125

  1. Just wondering what your full list of “must-have” apps is. I just got an 8125, and I really love it. Shoot me an email if you get a chance.

  2. I’m actually writing this from my 8125. 🙂
    I’d like to echo the comment above: as a new 8125 owner, I’m looking for must-have apps that’ll make my smartphone even smarter. Any suggestions other than the Voice Command? Thanks in advance.

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  4. I have a 8125. I selected a particular contact from my list, then I assigned a voice tag. I can play it from the list of all the voice tags recorded, so that means it is recorded properly and sitting where it should be. I have successfully assigned it the contact that I want. But now, how do I call this contact using the newly created and assigned voice tag. I though I would go to the phone and instead of punching/dialing numbers, I should simply say the voice tag and that should do the trick. But it doesn’t.

    my voice tag is: “Call ”

    At the phone function, I say “Call “. Nothing happens. Please help if you have time. Thanks a lot.

  5. Oh some of my tag value got lost.

    My tag is “Call home”. At the phone, I say “Call home”.

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