Billy Joel in Philadelphia

One more thing I’ve always wanted to do but never done I can now check off my list…I finally saw a Billy Joel concert.

Eric got the tickets through way back in December. The Wachovia Center in Philadelphia is beautiful. We had club box seats, just over the stage’s right side. The arena was completely sold out.

He sounded great, and the time zipped by. Of course, the final encore was “Piano Man.” He told some stories in between songs, and even gave a roadie a chance to do a song…which was a little weird.

One thing, though…and I’m probably showing my age here. I haven’t been to a lot of live concerts. It’s something I didn’t do when I was younger, and once Eric and I met we rarely did because our taste in music is so different.

During “She’s Got A Way” and other ballads the arena was full of white waving light. Eric leaned over and asked me, “Where did everyone get the white lights?” I looked closely…it was cell phone screens! People were waving their open cell phones! Cell phones?!? We saw maybe 3 or 4 yellow lights in the entire place from cigarette lighters. Jerry Garcia must be rolling over. I just couldn’t do it…I couldn’t wave my smartphone in the air without feeling really silly.

But as long as I had the phone out, I tried to take a picture. Not so good for live concerts, is it?



3 responses to “Billy Joel in Philadelphia”

  1. I just came back from the greatest concert I have ever been to. He was excellent. Can u answer this question….What is the name of the song when the soldiers were on stage? Thanks a bunch.

  2. Soldiers? That must have been “Goodnight Saignon” which he didn’t do when I saw him. Did the roadie do a song at the one you saw?

  3. Chainsaws “Highway To Hell” cover is part of the show and is included in everyone of BJ’s show so far. I had the pleasure of seeing BJ 3 out of the 5 times he was in Philly this time around and each night over half of the shows songs were different. I’m glad I had the chance to hear “DownEaster Alexa” in one of his shows – love that song!