The future of ActiveSync

Brighthand — ActiveSync Getting a New Name, Facelift

In Windows Vista — the next version of Microsoft’s operating system for PCs — there will be some major changes in ActiveSync.

First off, this synchronization software for Pocket PCs and Smartphones is being renamed Windows Mobile Device Center.

Also, according to the Microsoft web site, "most of the user interface has changed in an effort to enhance your ability to easily and intuitively find device-related tasks and improve the overall usability of those tasks."

I don’t care what it’s called. And the user interface is not the problem. The problem is that Microsoft took something that essentially worked in version 3.8/Windows Mobile 2003 and broke it for version 4/Windows Mobile 5. It’s slow. It’s buggy. It’s a major headache to deal with something that used to be reliable. Don’t put a pretty face on it and move a button from here to there…FIX IT. Fast. Please.

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One response to “The future of ActiveSync”

  1. I too am rather distraught over some functionality that was lost when I switched from a WM2003 device with ActiveSync 3.8 to WM2005 with ActiveSync 4.x. You can no longer sync by category. What were they thinking! I opened a case with Microsoft over this and they have acknowledged it. Vote for it –

    ID# FDBK47151