The song, not his procedure.

At the Dialogue conference, one of the speakers played a clip from an old Showtime special with Robert Klein singing this song. It was hysterically funny. Apparently it was also nominated for an original song Emmy award in 2001 (from my Googling for it). Just the right mix of been-there-done-that humor without being offensive. Colonoscopies are invasive and not-so-fun to get ready for. Anything we can do to get through it, including laughing about it, is worth it.

I’d love to get a download of it, legal of course, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. It’s not on iTunes. Anyone seen it?


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  1. I, too, have looked all over for this song, with no luck, after I heard a lounge pianist sing it on a Princess Cruise ship last year. The pianist said Klein actually worked several years on the cruise ships, and wrote the song in the dining room after a late night performance. Here’s a somewhat cruder song on similar subject matter – not quite as deft or delicate, but should be good for some belly laughs to get you through the indignities of your proctological encounter:

  2. I just saw Robert Klein last night in Peoria Illinois and he was hilariouse. He did the colonoscopy song and I am looking for it also. I think he said something about a cd that was going to be coming out maybee it will be on that.