Killed another USB Hub

Getting a little tired of going through hardware here. I know…my computers stay on around the clock and I’m on them 10 hours a day 6–7 days a week, what should I expect?

I just had to restart after a BSOD. Yes, blue screen of death. The error was at usbhub.exe, so kind of gives me a clue where the problem was. I was printing a file when it happened. From a printer that is attached to a Belkin 4–port USB 2.0 hub. I had been having trouble with that hub before. Couldn’t get ActiveSync to work right on my PDA.

I disconnected the hub and it was hot. Nearly too hot to touch. I have the exact same hub also attached to my Mac G5 and that one is warm, not hot. So goodbye to another hub. This is the 2nd that died on me (the other was on the Mac, so don’t go and blame the PC).

I’m trying to find what is considered the “best” USB hub and I’m not finding anything conclusive. USB hubs just aren’t sexy enough to review, I guess. No software to play with. Plug it in and it works. Or not.

Any recommendations?


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    So I kill the Belkin USB hub that was attached to my PC. The BSOD on printing was a clue. When I bought that hub, I got two. One for my PC, one for my G5. The one on my…