Hubby gets Dugg!

So last night we’re out doing a family thing. I come home, get the kids to bed and sit down to catch up on email missed when we were gone. I casually glance down at the AdSense counter I have at the bottom of my Firefox window, and something’s off…the page view number was high. Very high. 

I look at my Google AdSense account page and confirm that there’s nothing wrong with the plug-in. My daily traffic and earnings have been rather consistent, give or take a few hundred views. Last night it was give or take a few thousand. The account covers the ads on my site as well as Eric’s blog, Life Over IP. My site usually gets 95% of the views and income, I’ve been doing this longer.

I jump over to the stats application at Opentracker and there’s nothing unusual about my traffic. Could it be coming from Eric’s site? Sure enough, his stats show thousands of visitors…up from 30 the day before!

The traffic came from a digg-like site that until last night I never heard of…reddit. Hey, I’ve been busy. Seems a post that Eric made in June, 2005 caught someone’s attention and it’s on their front page!

Eric writes about small business, coaching, innovation, and the little things that do and do not make sense. He’s a very good writer, much better than I am that’s for sure. The post is about how the small things you do for customers in your business can magnify (applies to nonprofit businesses too, by the way). He often takes some little thing that happens in his day and turns it into a business theme or lesson.

So that link got him on some mashups that pull from these sites and now someone decided to post the story to the granddaddy of these kind of sites:  25 diggs so far, so nowhere near their front page. Of course, I’m nervous about the comments hurting my sweetie’s feelings. Sometimes they can get quite vicious. Mob mentality. But so far, the 4 left have been polite and mostly supportive. Phew.