Public service message: "Accept all changes" in your documents before sending!

I just got yet another emailed document from someone who left the entire history of the file visible in the margins. If you use Word 2003 to collaborate on documents with colleagues, save yourself from potential embarrassment and do not forget that last important step before attaching it to an email or uploading it to your site/intranet: Accept All Changes.

We’re constantly sending documents back and forth. When it’s time to release the document to the world, I’ve made this a habit:


Otherwise, your potential customer/client/co-worker may be looking at something like the shot below. This was an actual proposal I received a couple of months ago. Suffice to say, this company didn’t get our business. The edited document wasn’t the reason we went with another vendor, but it certainly didn’t help to see that they went in and edited the price up! (click to enlarge):