My new Cingular 8125 will be here today

Alert the media! “Woman places order with Cingular that doesn’t go wrong. Film at 11.”

I ordered the phone on Monday. Cingular hit my card yesterday for $370.99. ($349 for the phone, plus shipping and tax) Their bots email me a message to confirm the order with an “order status” link and tracking link. UPS says it’s on the truck for delivery.

Way too easy. I’ve never dealt with Cingular without having some nightmare story to tell. Makes me nervous.


2 responses to “My new Cingular 8125 will be here today”

  1. No pressure but I’ll be waiting for your review of the phone. Sure it’s easy to BUY something from any company, they want your money, they’ll make that the easy part. Hope you don’t have to call them for any other reason. (hah)

  2. It arrived a few minutes ago. It’s charging now. The instructions say to charge it for 8 hours before turning it on. I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to wait the entire 8 hours, but I’m busy with work anyway so I can wait.

    First impressions: It’s small! Significantly smaller and lighter than the Axim x30 that I currently carry around.

    Cingular includes a nice leather case with it. Much nicer than the usual slip of cloth that usually comes with a phone.

    I’m sure I’ll have much more to say once I actually turn the thing on. 🙂