Cingular 8125: Early review

Still easy.

So far, I’m pleased. I did have to do one hard reset already, though. I have to remember that this is a phone with a PDA, not a PDA with a phone. It’s also brand new, and as a result I need to be very careful about which applications I add. I already learned the hard way that it doesn’t seem to like Spb Diary. I’ll have to research to see if this is a known issue.

It’s much smaller than I expected. That’s a good thing. It feels like a phone, not a brick. It’s syncing now, but when it’s done I’ll take a picture of it side-by-side with my Dell Axim PDA to appreciate the difference. Even though the screen on the Cingular 8125 is smaller and it’s not VGA, it’s still very sharp and clear.

It comes with a nice headset/wired hands-free kit but later on I’ll try it with my Bluetooth headset as I don’t see myself fumbling for the plug as often as I should.

One nit picky complaint is the same I’ve had with any PDA I’ve ever owned…a right-handed stylus. The stylus is located in the bottom right hand corner. It assumes that you’re holding the device in your left hand, leaving the right free to grab the stylus. I hold my device in my right hand, so I’m doing a bit of finger gymnastics to get to it.

The slide-out keyboard is very nice. It’s going to take a bit of getting used to the red “function” key which selects special characters and numbers. Nice touch that the keyboard automatically lights up when you press it. Good for typing in dim light.

I had absolutely no problem activating the phone over the web and Cingular was even nice enough to pre-install the SIM card. Incoming and outgoing calls sound great. I’m able to use the web browser easily using either the web browser or a GPRS/EDGE connection.

The fun part now is to figure out what I can install without having a problem again. The worst part of a hard reset isn’t having to reset all the settings…it’s the fact that ActiveSync 4 is painfully slow. All I can say is Bejeweled 2 better work. Everything else I can live without.



3 responses to “Cingular 8125: Early review”

  1. Ah yes, Bejeweled 2, a must for any PDA that it’s compatible with I say! Sudoku is nice to have as well as long as you have access to the internet so you can download the daily puzzles 😉

  2. I have been looking for a sight to address my comments regarding the cingular 8125. I have to admit I am extremely unhappy with this phone. If anyone is thinking about this phone there are a few things I wish I had been aware of. First, it has no key pad the screen has to be aligned properly for the stylus to work (I have to do this every time I want to make a phone call). I can’t count how many times I got the wrong number. Second and really important. If you work outside you cannot see the screen. Seeing the screen when trying to make a phone call is VERY IMPORTANT. I could go on about my dislike of this phone. I think there are people who will benefit from a phone like this. It is my opinion that the cingular 8125 is not appropriate for anyone who works, plays and/or spends most of there time out side or in an active lifestyle. I hope I can get out of this phone or it will be for sale.