MeasureMap: infinite private beta?

Just curious…is MeasureMap ever getting out of stealth mode? I sent in my email address months ago and haven’t heard a peep from them.

It’ll be time to renew my Opentracker subscription in a couple of months. If there’s no better option, I’ll renew it. I do like it, but MeasureMap has some blog-specific features that look really interesting. I’m hoping to have the chance to compare MeasureMap to Opentracker by then.

Google Analytics is overkill. I wasn’t all that impressed with Mint. I don’t want to hassle with AWStats on the server and I can’t stand Analog which is already installed.


3 responses to “MeasureMap: infinite private beta?”

  1. As someone who did recieve that nice invite to measuremap… it’s not that great. It’s so overly simplistic and basic and “cute” that it doesn’t serve as anything more than a gimmicky glance. Google Analytics was definite overkill on stats, I found Mint to be my stats package of choice… especially with all the “pepper” being developed to keep it up and current. =)

  2. Isn’t Opentracker and Google Analytics the same? I have never used Opentracker or Google Analytics (just waiting for that invite… any day now ;-)), but I tried the demo on the Opentracker website and it looks just like Urchin, which is what Google Analytics uses… or IS now I guess since you go to Urchins website and it just redirects you to Google.

  3. Google buys MeasureMap

    A few days ago I whined about MeasureMap never leaving private beta, and now I know why. Google ate ‘em. Hopefully Google will come out with something public sooner rather than later….