Gmail for domains

Google is currently running a “Gmail for domains” beta test. I just signed up for C3. The biggest problem that Dreamhost has is with its email, and I’d love to take it out of their hands and still keep all the great features we have for the website.

A few of us already forward all our email to Gmail accounts as well as using desktop clients. I can’t stand Dreamhost’s webmail interface through SquirrelMail, so if I want to check my email online when traveling I use the Gmail account I set up for this instead. I have the account set to use the “from” as my address instead of my address. That way if I reply to something online, the recipient doesn’t see that I’ve gone through Gmail (unless they look at the headers, of course…but who really does that?). If Gmail handled the email, we could (hopefully) still send email through POP to Outlook as you can do with regular Gmail accounts. From information getting out about the service, I don’t see any reason why not.

One user stores all her email on the server and doesn’t use Outlook. If we got accepted into the beta, the challenge would be in dealing with all the stored email without losing access to it.