Whatever happened to your old house pictures, Judi?


Glad you asked.

As you may or may not know, this very blog started as a sanity check for me in December 2002 as my house in Stamford, Connecticut was undergoing major construction.

I took pictures and documented the entire process from start to finish. It was a huge project. Certainly bigger than I expected when we started.

I first realized the power of the blog when my little Blogger blog was picked up by an Australian site:

Mom building home is more like it. This American blogger (hence the “o” in “Mom”) is documenting every step of the renovations on her home in words and pictures.

It was a ranch but she always pictured it as “colonial” style, and by gosh, she’s going to make it colonial, no matter how many tradesmen it involves. She even thinks it’s worth blogging the spot where the staircase will be, and discussing whether or not to carpet the study. The blog is primarily aimed at keeping relatives informed, after all.

I remember being both tickled and scared when I found this page in my referrers. It honestly never dawned on me that anyone I didn’t know would read what I wrote! Shortly after I got that linky love, I moved my blog in house to Movable Type and named it “A View From Home” so the link changed.

It’s now over 3 years later and that Stamford house is now someone else’s headache. As a result, I never put in the effort to bring the house-related section of the site up to date with the new look & feel of the site. But it’s still all here if you want to look. It’s all there, bad links and all. Always on my “to do” list to go through and rework it into the current templates.

The whole long and bloody saga that took us from this:


to this:


So if you came here from theage.com.au, this will help you get to where you meant to be and will explain why it looks the way it does. Any link that doesn’t work will take you back to the search page. Anything I blogged about the house can be read in the house category. Enjoy.


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  1. Ha! I almost deleted the comment as spam until I realized the entry it was on and that it might be for real. So going on that assumption, I’ll have to answer… I have absolutely no idea. Sorry.