Grey's Anatomy

So how smart was it to not only open this episode that followed the Super Bowl with a George dream right out of a Budweiser commercial, but to end the show with a cliffhanger that will get the new viewers to watch again?

It’s definitely one of my favorite shows this year. I remember watching Patrick Dempsey in teen movies when I was a teenager. I never would have guessed that he’d look that good as a 40 year-old. The characters are well written as complete people, and not stereotypes of how they were set up the first season.


2 responses to “Grey's Anatomy”

  1. I watched it too… at about 12:30am because my Pittsburgh local channels had horrible post-game coverage. I say horrible because KDKA (CBS) is usually the one that does it, but the Super Bowl being on ABC, the station wasn’t prepared for a post-game show since they’ve never done one.

    But yeah, it was a cliffhanger, which actually left me kinda ticked off. 😛 Agree about the characters. It’s a good show. A little contrived with the Dr. Bailey’s husband thing. Brain surgery? C’mon…

  2. I jumped on the Grey’s bandwagon a few weeks ago when I found out the head writer is a black woman. Hey! I consider it African American lit. 🙂