I'm okay…what's your problem?


The Justice Department on Wednesday again voiced fear over a potential shutdown of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry service in the U.S., saying it remains unclear how a blackout would impact government workers.

“There are still a number of serious questions to be answered as to how an injunction can be implemented so as to continue BlackBerry service for governmental and other excepted groups,” the department said in a brief filed with a federal district court in Virginia.

U.S. patent holding company NTP has said an injunction would not affect BlackBerry products used by U.S. federal, state, or local governments, but the government wants more assurance that its users will be exempted from any blackout.

Bully on everyone else…as long as the Government can continue to use their Crackberries, then no further intervention is necessary? Nevermind those everyday non-Government folks whose thumbs will be twitching in withdrawal as they’ll have to check their email at Starbucks like everyone else.

I’ve often said that if a man got menstrual cramps then PMS would be a non-issue. We’d have a cure for that. Same with labor.

So along the same lines I wonder if we’d still have a healthcare crisis if Congress had to scramble for their own health insurance? Would we have a problem with Social Security if members of Congress had to live on their payments as their only source of income after the age of 65? Would No Child Left Behind look the way it does if members of Congress were required to send their own children to public school? Would we be in Iraq if every member of Congress had a child in the military?


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  1. Everything I’ve read says the US Patent Office has (unofficially)rendered all of ntp’s patents invalid which will end this whole thing. However the USPTO won’t make their findings official for a few months, so the possible injunction against RIM on Feb. 24th has everyone nervous. My question is why the USPTO doesn’t make their ruling now and quit wasting anymore of everyone’s time and money?

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    If you’re familiar with the Blackberry handheld email doohickeys, you’re probably already familiar with this issue. …