Firefox 1.5: easiest upgrade evah

Can they make it any easier?

  1. Select Help -> Check for Updates…
  2. Click “Download” when it tells you that a new version is available
  3. Wait a few seconds for the new version to download, then click the button to “Restart and Install Firefox”
  4. Wait a few seconds for the install and for Firefox to check for extension compatibility
  5. Restart to a page that tells you that you’re using the upgraded version

Start to finish of maybe 5 minutes. Works the same on both Mac and PC. Well done, Mozilla.

I certainly can’t think of a single good reason to install the IE 7 beta that’s out. The only time I use IE now is for work-related sites where I have to run it. No way am I going to mess with a beta on my only PC. Running IE 6 is scary enough. “Oh, sorry…couldn’t report the payroll this week because I installed a beta version that doesn’t work with ADP.” That’ll go over well. Yeah, I know I can call in the payroll, but that’s not the point.  This version is not aimed for the everyday user. I’ll wait. I probably won’t upgrade until sites I need start requiring it over IE 6, so it’ll be a while.

Only downside of the Firefox upgrade is that I didn’t think about the fact that Roboform usually takes a few days to upgrade its extension for the new version. So I got a message that both Onfolio and Roboform were not compatible with the new version. Dang. At least the Onfolio incompatibility was easily fixable. Here’s a page on the Onfolio site that explains the workaround.


2 responses to “Firefox 1.5: easiest upgrade evah”

  1. The Firefox upgrade is easy. I avoid using IE but my wife still does. One of these days I have to show her Firefox and hope she’ll use it. I never seem to use IE at home except for windows updates.
    Bought a new laptop and loaded Firefox first thing. Also have no interest in a beta of ie7, or even in the actual final version.
    I’m sure we’ll get the final version of ie7 at work well after it’s been out for awhile, that’s fine. I’ll have to know it then.
    I teach a basic computer class to seniors and have been debating if I should show them Firefox. I think it’s a safer and better browser but I don’t want to confuse them when they’re trying to get the hang of doing basic pc maintenance and having to do Windows updates, and use antivirus, antispyware/adware and firewall programs.

  2. If you think that’s easy, I just let it auto update so it’s even easier because I don’t have to go through all the steps. With Firefox 1.5 they greatly improved the auto update feature. Now all I do is when a window pops up saying a Firefox update is ready to install, I click the install button, Firefox restarts and I’m back to browsing 😀

    And because Rick brought up IE7, I’ve downloaded it, and I didn’t like it one bit. Go to my website and you will see my review, it’s the new rendering engine is quite awful.