Cloudmark Desktop spam filter: so far so good

10 days ago, I blogged that I started using Cloudmark Desktop as my email spam filter again.

I’m incredibly pleased with it so far. See for yourself:

Emails processed to date  2,285 Spam caught to date 1,156 Spam I’ve blocked to date 23

50% of my incoming mail is spam and Cloudmark is getting it at 99% accuracy. I have yet to catch a false positive. I’ve set spam to go to the deleted items folder marked as read. Sometimes I scan the folder, for the past few days I haven’t bothered. I have mail set to stay on the server for a week and all email, spam and all, is automatically forwarded to Gmail. If anything gets dumped from Outlook that shouldn’t, I can still get it back.

Spam is almost a non-issue to me again. Hasn’t been this good since SpamSieve.